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New true bypass boxes from Widara effects

Widara effects in last couple of weeks introduced several new true bypass boxes as scholl guitar selectror (you can switch between several instruments during some show). Also there are some true bypass boards with several ouputs.

True bypass board
Guitar selector
true bypass board

true bypass board

Aluminium Parker clone : Aluris

In Czech online second-hand with used gear I found this aluminium guitar Aluris inspired by Parker. Nice clean design and hi-tech components…

New site of Electronic Orange

Finally, Electronic Orange effects got their own site, so now you can check more than twenty nice effects with amazing graphics. Mostly they are clones of some vintage effects such as fuzz.


Screaming Treen

Bayger effects

Check new line of guitar and bass effects at www.Baygereffects.com. Also you can see there unique switching system for instruments.

HOT amps : three channel all tube amp Bonanza

Pavel Horky from HOT amps released new all tube amplifier Bonanza with three channels and independent corrections section for each channel.

Guitars from František Skála

Actually I found really nice guitars from my country. They are really design pearls, even if they cannot play :-)

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Another “brilliant” from HK guitars

Top – figural ash
Body – red alder
neck – mahogany
fingerboard – turkish plum
machines : Schaller M6 locking ruthenium
bridge :  Schaller Hannes – Graphtech + ruthenium
pickups : Bare Knuckle Steve Stevens Rebell Yell signature,  Bare Knuckle Nailbomb
zero fret : Graphtech

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Hot amps – new material available

We created new website for HOT amps, check www.hotamps.com. Thera is a lot of new things such as product description, photos and also some audio files with voice of HOT amplifiers. Also some YouTube video is there with comaparison of vacuum tubes and their tones.

Czech guitars : total mystery

For many people, czech guitars are total mystery :-). Everybody knows Gibson, Fender…
But  who knows Jolana ?
This ideas I found on JunkGuitars.com and there is also this article about Czech guitars.